The Right Chemistry

For a business to succeed and a vision to realize, it only takes one thing- the right chemistry. At Chemanex PLC, we have built a strong reputation for supplying high quality specialty chemicals  and industrial intermediates. Our position in the industry is unrivalled and our strategies, far-sighted.

We have streamlined our operations and further crafted our growth strategy to support a year of consolidation. We have made your Company more vibrant with a diligent re-strategising process aimed to deliver sustainable growth and better value to our stakeholders. Every team, every process we’ve put in place today works to create a Company with an ambitious future, growing with the right chemistry for years to come.

Chemanex PLC is committed to supplying, marketing and distributing value-added speciality chemicals  and intermediaries to a wide cross section of local industries. Chemanex specialise in supply of pigment and additives for paint and coating industry, processing chemicals for estates, chemicals for dry rubber and latex industry, additives and ingredients for home/ personal care industry , additives for plastics , accessories for packaging industry and food additives .

Chemanex at A Glance

Estate Chemicals

Supply chemicals for rubber estates.


Supply raw materials for dry rubber product manufacturing industries.


Supply colour pigments and additives for paint and ink industries.

Home and Personal Care

Supply additives to manufacture hair /skin/ home care products.

Packaging/Food Additives

Supply starches and related accessories for corrugated industry and additives for the food manufacturing.