The primary focus is to cater the coating based industries of Sri Lanka by supplying quality raw materials. The customer base encompasses all leading paint and ink manufacturers, spanning from to multinational giants  to small and medium scale local manufacturers.

The product portfolio includes organic and inorganic pigments, paint and ink additives, iron oxides, titanium dioxide (rutile and anatase) from well recognized, leading global suppliers.

  1. Pigments – Organic & Inorganic
  2. Paint & Ink Additives – Dispersing agents, Deformers Surfactants, Rheology Modifiers etc
  3. Iron Oxides – Red , Black, Green, Yellow Brown Etc..
  4. Titanium Dioxides – Rutile & Anatase.


This sector focus on estate based rubber manufacturing industry of Sri Lanka by providing quality chemical products required for raw rubber processing. The product portfolio includes Nexobleech and other processing chemicals necessary for crepe rubber, ribbed smoke sheet and centrifuged latex manufacturing. 


This business unit primarily involved in supplying chemicals for dry rubber product manufacturing as well as water treatment and textile washing industries in Sri Lanka. Major products in this sector  are Stearic acid, Sulphur, Zinc oxide, rubber accelerators, rubber anti-oxidants and calcium hypochlorite. 


This business caters the latex and plastic industries of Sri Lanka by providing superior quality raw materials. The key product applications are, a variety of rubber accelerators, activators, antioxidants, rheology modifiers, mold releasing agents, white fillers and processing aids. The relevant product categories are  TMTD, Zn oxides, sulphur, titanium dioxide, stearic acid, silicon emulsion,  paraffin waxes (fully refined and semi refined), wax emulsions, DOP,DOTP (talc free plastizicer),  lauric acid, caprylic acid, etc.


Focuses on serving industries related to home, personal  and oral care, by providing quality raw materials. Thus, the customer base encompasses all leading local manufacturers of the industry. The range of products under this division can be categorized into three major areas, which includes- commodity, semi commodity, specialty and active chemicals.

The department’s industry focus upon the chemical raw materials market of home & personal care industry, hence the customer base composed of all leading local manufactures representing the industry.

The product range could be primarily categorised into three main areas  – commodity, semi – commodity, specialty & actives chemicals as below;

  • Commodity
    • Primary surfactants
    • Co – surfactants
  •  Semi – Commodity
    • Opacfifiers & Perlizers
    • Solubilizers
    • Emulsifiers
    • Thickeners
    • Moisturizers
    • Rheology  modifiers
  • Specialty
    • Co-surfactants blends
    • Polymers
  • Actives
    • Vitamins


This business unit caters the corrugated carton manufacturers as well as timber industries, water treatment  and also  food manufacturing,  The product range provided for the respective sectors of industry are as follows :

Corrugated carton manufacturers       –      industrial starch, stitching wires and tying tapes
Timber industry                                       –      timber treatment chemicals such as borax decahydrate and boric acid
Water treatment                                      –      EDTA and PAC
Food industry                                           –      gelatin and cocoa powder etc